1. 28 Feb, 2022 1 commit
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      Fix BodySlide compilation (PreviewWindow) · 492e1bd3
      ousnius authored
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      Fixed some brush unwelding and normal bugs (#436) · b4224f2f
      sts1skj authored
      * Fixed some brush unwelding and normal bugs
      - Fixed bug in AABBTree::AABBTreeNode::IntersectSphere that would cause it
      to return a bad distance to the triangle.  I added Triangle::DistanceToPoint
      to correctly calculate this distance.  This bug would make
      TweakBrush::queryPoints often pick the wrong triangle as the center of its
      update with the Connected-Only brush option on.  This, in turn, would cause
      Mesh::ConnectedPointsInSphere to misbehave, causing brushes to unweld
      vertices.  It might also sometimes cause brushes to have no effect on
      some vertices that they should effect.
      - Fixed bug in Mesh::ConnectedPointsInSphere that would cause it to often miss
      welded vertices.  This would cause the Connected-Only brush option to
      sometimes make brushes unweld vertices.
      - Simplified Mesh::ConnectedPointsInSphere a little.
      - Added Mesh::ConnectedPointsInTwoSpheres for use by brushes with the
      "NeedMirrorMergedQuery" flag.  This fixes a bug that would rarely cause
      points to not get adjusted.
      - Fixed flaw in Mesh::SmoothNormals that would cause triangles to sometimes
      flicker black.  The problem was that it would zero the normals before
      calculating them.  I made it do the calculation in a temporary copy of the
      - Fixed bug in Mesh::SmoothNormals that would cause it to produce bad
      results for welded vertices in a partial update.  ("!= 0" should have been
      "== 0").  This would make triangles flicker near welded vertices when using
      a brush with live normal updates.
      - Fixed flaw in live-normals updating where it wouldn't update the normals
      of vertices adjacent to a changed vertex, despite the fact that those
      vertices have changed normals too.  This flaw would cause triangles to
      look wrong along the edge of the area affected by the brush until the brush
      stroke ended.
      - Used new return-value version of trinormal several places.
      * Improve performance with std::unordered_set (GetAdjacentPoints, SmoothNormals)
      Co-authored-by: default avatarousnius <ousnius@users.noreply.github.com>
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      Implemented Symmetrizer (#434) · bf65a095
      sts1skj authored
      * Implemented Symmetrizer
      - Added command Mask Symmetric Vertices
      - Added command Symmetrize Vertices
      - Added command Mask Symmetric Triangles
      - Fixed bug where applying/undoing/redoing a mesh edit would trash the masks.
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      Adjusted scaling and defaults for brush strength for most brushes (#424) · 6b07cdf5
      sts1skj authored
      * Adjusted scaling and defaults for brush strength for most brushes
      I changed the brush strength scaling so that now only inflate/deflate have
      a factor-of-10 scaling instead of all brushes.  I also increased the default
      value of brush strength by a factor of ten for smooth, move, weight,
      color, and alpha.  I also fixed some bugs that would make high strength
      values do nothing.
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      Implemented restrict plane and normal options for brushes (#423) · f82ea88a
      sts1skj authored
      - Restrict plane: smooth, move
      - Restrict normal: inflate, smooth, move
      - Also separated TB_Inflate from TweakBrush.
      For the inflate brush, I made the direction of inflation at each
      point be that point's normal.
      For the smooth and move brushes, I took the offset that would have been
      applied and projected it onto the starting plane or normal at the point.
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      Implemented Move Vertex tool (#419) · 90f52c7e
      sts1skj authored
      * Cleaned up tool option user interface code
      * Removed "Global Brush Collision" tool option
      I also added a check to prevent the user from switching to the segments
      or partitions tab with more than one mesh selected.
      * Implemented Move Vertex tool
      The new tool has six tool options, five of with are new:
      - X Mirror
      - Weld
      - Merge
      - Restrict To Surface
      - Restrict To Plane
      - Restrict To Normal
      * Made tool option buttons disappear instead of disable
      Also moved tool options to the end of the vertical toolbar.
      Co-authored-by: default avatarousnius <ousnius@users.noreply.github.com>
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